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Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA) is a healthcare training college that was first founded in 1994. It currently has campuses in Tampa and Clearwater, Florida, and offers many online healthcare programs that result in associate’s degrees or diplomas that will qualify you in most cases to sit for a certification exam in a given field.

Favorite Features

Health information technology associate’s program accredited by CAHIIM

One of the associate’s degrees this academy offers is in Health Information Technology. This is a program you may want to consider if you want to enjoy a career in electronic health records and data security.

Earning an associate’s degree in this field can be a good career move because there will be at least 2.3 million new jobs in healthcare by 2022, and many of them will be in healthcare technology.

One of the critical parts of this program is that it has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Education (CAHIIM). This is a very rigorous accreditation process that shows that the program has  been determined to meet or exceed the standards of the Commission.

Having this accreditation shows that this is a high quality health information technology degree program that will teach you essential skills.

Health information technician program prepares you for RHIT exam

The health information technology associate’s program also provides you with the educational preparation to site for the Registered Health Information Technician or RHIT examination. Earning this credential will make you a more desirable job candidate in many employers’ eyes.

Online learning is highly flexible

Your online career training with UMA will mean that you can pretty much get your associate’s degree education on your own schedule. You can access the recorded video classes any time you like as your schedule permits.

Students are able to view class lectures, instructional videos and webinars, group discusses, quizzes and exams from a computer. Student also may complete a large amount of their homework on a tablet or smartphone using the Blackboard mobile app.

UMA also is known for offering very good, comprehensive support for its online associate’s students. Students can get their questions answered by chat, email or phone. There also are many answers available on the website.

90% of employers of graduates say they would hire others

According to data on the UMA website, more than 90% of employers of UMA graduates stated in a survey that they would hire others who graduated from the school.

This suggests that employers who responded are satisfied that UMBA graduates are good employees in their respective fields.

Least Favorite Features

Only associate’s degrees available

This is an online academy and as such, it only current offers associate’s degrees online. These programs are generally only suitable for students who want to work as technicians or administrative personnel in the following areas:

Tuition costs compared to typical salaries are very high

Each of the programs that are offered by this academy cost approximately $15,000 to $16,000 for the entire program. The length of each program is typically between 45-60 weeks. The academy’s gainful employment data shows that the typical student borrows money to pay for the degree, and ends up in debt for $10,000 to $15,000.

Depending upon the exact amount, this means a rough payment of $100 to $150 per month to pay off the student loan.

But the typical graduate of many of the programs earns only $18,000 or $20,000 per year. Many experts would say that this is a high degree of debt to have for that amount of salary.

Academy is unranked by major national publications

This academy has not been ranked by any of the highly respected national or international publications that typically rank many four year and graduate schools. The most well known and respected publications include US News and World Report, and the Princeton Review. These publications do not rank schools that only offer certificates and associate’s degrees.

Few programs are accredited by respected bodies

According to the Academy website, only the health information technology degree program has been accredited by a respected national body – the Commission on Accreditation for Health Information and Information Management Education or CAHIIM.

The other programs have not been accredited at this point, according to their website. This could introduce questions when you are looking for employment regarding the quality of your education.

The Details

General Information

  • Founded in 1906
  • Application deadline: Rolling
  • Application fee: $40
  • School type: For profit
  • Term Schedule: Semester
  • Location: Online; Clearwater and Tampa, Florida
  • Student-faculty ratio: 14:1
  • 91% of employers hiring UMA graduates say they would hire another

Tuition Rates (Per Credit)

  • $12,000 to $15,000 for entire associate’s or diploma program

Health Degrees and Diplomas Offered

  • Health and human services
  • Medical administrative assistant
  • Health information technology
  • Healthcare management
  • Medical office and billing
  • Healthcare technology and systems
  • Pharmacy technician

Graduation and Retention Rates

  • Retention rates for 2015 to 2016 per program:
    • Health and human services: 80%
    • Health information technology: 76%
    • Medical administrative assistant: 88%
    • Medical administrative assistant: 73%
    • Pharmacy technician: 74%
    • Healthcare management: 82%
    • Medical billing and coding:72%

US News Rankings

  • This academy is not ranked by US News and World Report