35 Best Things You Can Do with a Healthcare Management Degree

When you are trying to decide on the best degree program for you, one of the key things to look at are the types of jobs you can get after you get that degree. A Healthcare Management Degree is a great option because there are so many different things that you can do once you have graduated. These are just 35 of those jobs that you can look into once you have graduated.

  1. Ambulatory care center manager – If you want to work in a fast paced environment, this is a great option because it allows you to be a part of the emergency field and you will manage the people working the ambulatory care centers.
  2. Dental office assistant – For a more laid back atmosphere, you could look into working in a dental office as an assistant and work your way up into management. You would not work on teeth, just helping with patients.
  3. Assistant administrator – Once you have worked up to a more senior role from the previous job, you can become an assistant administrator where you will work directly above any of the assistants and help them with a variety of things.
  4. Pharmaceutical representative – If you also like the idea of sales, you could work in the pharmaceutical field and also work your way up that ladder. It is a job that will likely require a lot of travel as well.
  5. Clinical manager – On the clinical floor, there is a need for a manager to help ensure things go well every night. If you want this type of role, you will be working directly in a hospital.
  6. Clinical director – This role is one step above the one mentioned previously and you will be on the floor a lot less and will have a lot more to do behind the scenes.
  7. Director of nursing – This is a role that you will need to work up to but it is also one where you will have a lot of responsibility for many different departments in a hospital.
  8. Home health care manager – If you want to work behind the scenes providing home health care, you can manage the schedules and other aspects of the daily work for home health care agents.
  9. Facility manager – If you want a bit less to do with the health care aspect of this degree, then a facility manager position may be a good option because you will be less focused on health and more on the rooms and buildings in the hospital.
  10. Long term care manager – In this role, you will work with an organization that is focused on long term care. You will help manage the staff and then also interact with the patients from time to time.
  11. Health and social service manager – If you want to be more in social services, then you should consider working as a health and social service manager in your local area.
  12. Health care consultant – You can also provide consulting services to other healthcare facilities and help them create better protocols and standards. There are a lot of services you can offer within this bucket.
  13. Health care financial manager – If you enjoy the finance component, this may be the perfect role for you. It is one responsible for the finances of a facility or department in the healthcare sector.
  14. Regulatory agent – If you are someone who likes rules and regulations, then you may want to consider working as a regulatory agent to ensure that everything is done by the rules in all of the hospitals in your areas.
  15. Hospital administrator – If you want to be responsible for the offerings of a hospital, then this is the role for you. This is also one you would have to work up to in your career but is one that can be very rewarding.
  16. Quality controller – If you want to make sure that the quality of service is high for the people in a health care system, this is a great role. You will be the person responsible for checking on quality and ensuring it is constantly delivered to patients.
  17. Insurance specialist – If you like working with insurance, then an insurance specialist job may be a good fit because you can help people work through insurance issues to pay for their services.
  18. Insurance manager – A step up from the previous job is a management role in the same department. You can work to make sure that service is quality and that your employees are well take care of.
  19. Insurance representative – If you would like to be on the other end of insurance, you can help people find great policies to meet their needs in terms of medical. In this role, you may need an additional certification or training.
  20. Managed care manager – Managed care is a type of care in the healthcare world that is long term but still gives patients a lot of freedom. If you want to provide long term care to patients or work as a manager in this type of department, then this is a good job for you.
  21. Medical device sales representative – Along the lines of a pharmaceutical rep, this role focuses on medical devices instead. The roles are similar but you would be selling different things.
  22. Medical records coordinator – Medical records are a big thing in the medical field so it is important that they are well managed. This is a behind the scenes role that focuses on insuring that the medical records are well maintained and safe.
  23. Medical records manager – One step above in this role is the medical records manager who would be responsible for higher level maintenance as well as management of the coordinators in that role.
  24. Nurse manager – If you want to be in the action, then you may want to become a nurse manager and schedule the nurses for their shifts as well as provide general management duties.
  25. Nursing home administrator – For people who like working in nursing homes, this is a great job that allows you to help with administrative work while still working in this type of environment.
  26. Floor manager – You can also look into a floor management role that may include a bit more than nursing management but is still very similar in the type of work that you would be doing.
  27. Nutrition service manager – Nutrition is a big thing these days and it is important to many people. If this is a passion of yours, then you may want to consider working as a nutrition service manager.
  28. Office manager – This is a role that has a lot of administrative work associated with it and if you want to be involved in managing many different departments for a medical office, this is the role for you.
  29. Practice manager – Beyond being a practice manager, you may also want to look into becoming a practice manager. A practice is slightly different than an office but the roles are very similar.
  30. Program coordinator – For people who like to plan events and other things, this is a great role within this field that allows you to do that for your employees and the patients you serve.
  31. Program manager – The program manager role is slightly different and a step above. The focus is on the coordinators more but may still involve some program planning.
  32. Manager of patient safety – Patient safety is an important component of any healthcare management and if this is something you feel strongly about, this is a role that centers completely around that.
  33. Emergency medical service administrator – This is another role that surrounds a fast paced and critical environment. You would be responsible for ensuring things run smoothly.
  34. Hospital executive – This is a role that centers around ensuring that the patient experience is a positive one from beginning to end. This means that the facilities must be maintained and that service must be exceptional. You will also be dealing with human resources a bit too. This is a multifaceted role that you will work up to and you will focus on managing all aspects of the hospital.
  35. Group practice executive – This role is very similar to the previous one but it is centered around a group practice instead of an entire hospital. This is also one that you would work up to in your overall care.
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