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Lynn H

Patient Care Expert

Lynn H. has been a leading writer in the medical field for more than 18 years. After 20 years providing exceptional patient care, she now specializes in creating informative and engaging medical content for readers of all levels, from patients to researchers and everyone in between.

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Dr. Cristina Cassano RN, DNP

Nursing Expert

Dr. Cassano is a Doctor of Nursing Practice in Informatics who is working as a Nurse Informatics educator for the Saint Helena Napa Valley Hospital part of Adventist Health. Dr. Cassano has 28 years nursing experience. She earned her BSN at Chamberlain College of Nursing in 2010. You may email her direct at: [email protected]

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Rebecca Turley

Category Guide

sam medley

Sam Medley

Category Guide

Sam is a freelance writer with a passion for learning about any and everything he can. When not reading or writing, he can be found helping his wife tend to the bees, ducks, chickens, and plants that populate their little Kentucky homestead.

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Robert Sanchez

Medical Category Expert

Robert Sanchez is's Chief Editorialist. Robert Sanchez has over 10 years experience in the Healthcare field and more recently has become an avid writer advising on career and job topics in this exciting field.

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Melissa Hart

Scholarship Coordinator

Melissa Hart is's Special Features Editor. She has over 8 years of career guidance experience in the healthcare field and continues to mentor students and young adults today.