15 Online Degrees from University of Cincinnati

Considering a career in health care? You are in luck because the healthcare job field will be booming for the next decade or more. Millions of new healthcare-related jobs will be available in the coming years, in both clinical and administrative related health care positions.

You can take advantage of this surge in the healthcare field by earning an online health or healthcare-related degree from the University of Cincinnati. Whether you want to get your bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree in a health field, the University of Cincinnati has many options available.

Take a close look at these 15 online health degrees from the University of Cincinnati so you can get a jumpstart on an exciting career:

Bachelor’s Degrees

  1. Bachelor’s in Health Promotion and Education: This is one of the premier health promotion and education programs in the US. This is an excellent bachelor’s program for students and professionals who seek to help people and groups to become healthier and happier. This degree program will provide you with the skills and knowledge to be an effective leader in the health promotion field.
  2. Bachelor of Health Information Management Administration: This four year, online degree is make for professionals who want to become a registered health information technician or RHIT. This program will build upon your health information skills that you have learned in previous experience, but it also can suit those who have no experience in this field. You also may earn your registered health information administrator or RHIA certification which will help you to earn at least $15,000 more per year.
  3. Bachelor’s in Radiation Science: This program was created due to greatly changing needs in the health care industry in the last decade. This program is focused on developing the workforce so that there are enough qualified health care professionals in the vital fields of medical imaging and radiographic sciences. These technologies are critical to the diagnosis of many serious medical conditions. You will develop the skills that you need to eventually become a supervisor, clinical or academic educator. Focus on imaging modalities, pathophysiology and CT science.
  4. Bachelor’s in Respiratory Therapy: This is an accelerated, online respiratory therapy program for professionals who want to earn either their CRT or RRT certification in respiratory therapy. This program emphasizes advanced research methods and analysis so you will have a strong foundation in respiratory therapy skills so you can advance into management positions in the future. You will take your courses online and will conduct your clinical practice skill sessions in your local area.
  5. Bachelor’s in Medical Laboratory Science: This four year bachelor’s program is offered mostly online and it is for working professional clinical laboratory technicians or CLTs and medical laboratory technicians or MLTs the chance to develop the advanced skills that they need to grow in the field. This is a worthwhile and popular degree because these two professions are ranked as some of the best jobs in the country. You should have an associate’s degree already in one of these professions and have work experience in either field.
  6. Bachelor’s in Substance Abuse Counseling: This program is suited for students who desire a career in drug treatment and chemical dependency treatment and prevention. Students are prepared in this online program to understand current drug research and will learn proven practice skills in substance abuse to be an effective clinician. As a substance abuse counselor, you will develop the skills needed to help people to overcome their drug or substance abuse problems.

Master’s Degrees

  1. Master in Health Education: The University of Cincinnati offers this MS program with a concentration in health education as well as exercise management. With the community health education major, you will learn the skills needed to work in health departments, nonprofits, hospitals and wellness centers. In exercise management, you will be able to find work in YMCAs, health organizations, and recreation departments. Graduates of this program online have been successful in obtaining health education positions all through the US. The faculty in this program are strongly student oriented and have a broad range of experience, knowledge and skills in health promotion and health education.
  2. Master of Science in Nursing: You can earn your master of science in nursing online in two or three years. You can develop the advanced skills in nursing that you need to become a nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, or a nurse practitioner focused on women’s health. You also can specialize in certain areas such as elderly, children and specific diseases.
  3. Master of Healthcare Administration: This program will provide you with the essential tools and skills so that you can excel in health care management and leadership positions in medical facilities, nursing homes, doctor’s offices and hospitals. This two year, online program will include best practice approaches to finance, quality improvement, epidemiology, health economics and health policy so that you can transition into a dynamic healthcare administration position.
  4. Master of Health Informatics: This is a two year, online degree that will provide you with the skills that you need to work effectively at the intersection of information technology and health. Graduates of this program will be prepared to work to provide improved patient care, efficiency, quality, safety and population health through using IT and systems. Professionals in this program often are able to move into positions that include systems analysts, software developers, data analysts, information scientists, programmers, system administrators, and information security analysts.
  5. Master of Communication Sciences and Disorders: This is a distance master’s degree that will give you an advanced degree in speech language pathology. This program has been accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation of the American Speech Language Hearing Association.
  6. Master of Public Health: This MPH degree is available on campus or online, and is one of the biggest MPH programs in the Midwest. The mission of this program is to improve the health all communities around the country and world. You can choose to focus on health services management, biostatistics, environmental health, occupational public health and health education.
  7. Master of Foundations in Behavior Analysis: This is a fully online degree that will give you the critical foundations in understanding human behavior, and to examine human behavior so that you can recommend strategies that lead to better behavior choices. This program is a good choice for professionals who are working with people in mental health counseling and psychology who have behavior and learning problems that affect their overall health.

Doctoral Degrees

  1. Doctor of Nursing Practice: If you already have your bachelor of science in nursing, you can earn your doctor of nursing practice degree online and not have to earn your MSN degree first. This program is mostly online and will take up to five years to complete.
  2. Doctor of Health Education: This is a Ph.D. in health education that is ideal for those who are committed to helping people and communities to adopt good behaviors and lifestyles through research and leadership. This is a nationally recognized Ph.D. program that is made for professionals who want to thrive as university professors or as researchers in a government or health agency. It also can be appropriate for those who want to serve as a leader in a community health setting.
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