45 Amazing Things You Can Do with a Sociology Degree

If you are considering a sociology degree, you should also know that there are a lot of different career paths that you can focus on. During the time you are working towards your degree, you will learn how to think about different groups, individuals, communities, societies, and institutions. This includes how they are interconnected and how complex they are. Because of this, many topics are covered during your studies that are relevant to things such as business, nonprofits, and various professions. These are just a few job ideas that you can consider when you have a sociology degree.

  1. Banker – You may need to get some extra training or another degree but you can become a banker with this degree and help people with basic financial decisions or transactions.
  2. Business analyst – When you understand how different groups interact, you are poised to be in a good position to help businesses with analysis for a variety of things.
  3. Consumer relations specialist – This is another role where understanding people is important and can help you help with relations between them.
  4. Human resources manager – In this role, you will be responsible for helping people with a variety of things and a sociology degree can help you with this by helping you better understand people.
  5. Market analyst – This is a good position if you are interested in business, and more specifically, markets as a whole.
  6. Employee specialist – If you want to help employees in a variety of ways, you can become an employee specialist.
  7. Foreign service officer – If you are interested in helping people in other countries in some specific ways, this is a good role to consider.
  8. Human rights officer – For people who are very passionate about human rights, this is a role where you can make sure that rights are enforced in certain groups, and therefore, help protect human rights. You can even focus on very specific human rights if you have a particular passion.
  9. Legislative aide – You will need to get additional training for this role but this is one where you can get involved with some legal components of business and helping people at the same time.
  10. Correctional counselor – This is a role that is not for the faint of heart. In this role, you would help people get their life back on track after something like addiction.
  11. Corrections officer – This is similar to the role mentioned prior but it is more focused on corrections in a jail facility instead of helping after time served.
  12. Criminal investigator – If you want to be part of investigations, this is the role for you.
  13. Juvenile court specialist – This is also a role that is not for the faint of heart because it deals with juvenile delinquents and you would be part of their court proceedings.
  14. Parole officer – If you want to help people after they get out of jail or prison and be the person that holds them accountable while on parole, this is the role for you.
  15. Police officer – If you want to be out in the field helping keep places safe, then you can become a police officer. You may also have to go through extra training to be a police officer.
  16. Rehabilitation counselor – Another aspect of these types of jobs is he rehabilitation counselor. In this role, you would help people in rehab get their life back together.
  17. Peace corps volunteer – You also have the option of joining the peace corps as a volunteer and helping all over the world.
  18. Personnel coordinator – In some companies, there are personnel coordinators to help manage personnel employees,
  19. Program supervisor – If you want to be hyper focused on a specific program, you can do that as a program supervisor.
  20. Special agent – Another specialized role is one as a special agent where you can get involved in some more secretive things as go on special missions.
  21. Urban planner – If you want to be involved in some city planning, then you can become an urban planner.
  22. Admissions counselor – If helping people get into college is something that makes you excited, then you should consider becoming an admissions counselor.
  23. Census researcher – When you have a passion for numbers, this is the role for you. You can spend time doing research using different data pools from a census.
  24. Consumer researcher – Another type of research role is consumer research where you would spend time researching actions of consumers.
  25. Criminology researcher – If you are intrigued by criminology and the human mind, then you may want to become a criminology researcher  and help solve cases while also better understanding people who commit crimes.
  26. Data analyst – If numbers and data are more your thing, then you may want to consider becoming a data analyst. In this type of role, you will spend a lot of time looking at various types of data and then analyzing it.
  27. Interviewer – If you like interacting with people, you should consider becoming an interviewer. You can do this in a variety of settings including as someone in HR who is hiring for a specific role and an interviewer for a television news crew.
  28. Market researcher – Another type of researching role is one where you would study the markets for a specific type of product or service and better develop ways to reach those markets.
  29. Social researcher – In this type of research role, you would be responsible for taking a look at social classes and social contexts instead of individual people. You would focus on the collective units of society and how people interact together within them.
  30. Statistician – This is a type of role that you could look into if you like both numbers and solving equations. You would not be solving things just for the sake of solving them, though. You would do so for a main goal.
  31. Survey research technician – There are many aspects of research and one of them consists of researching for surveys and making sure they all run smoothly as planned. This is an integral role for research that relies heavily on research.
  32. Affirmative action counselor – If you are looking for a role where you can make a difference for people and ensure that all people have an equal opportunity in various parts of live no matter their background or status, then this is a good role to consider. You would spend a lot of time making sure that Federal contractors are doing everything they can to ensure diversity.
  33. Extension service specialist – This is a role typically found within a government office. You would be responsible for determining if someone is eligible for an extension on a government service.
  34. Public health educator – Public health education is very important and this is a role where you would be able to focus completely on that. You would be responsible for educating the public on their health, their options in the community, and more.
  35. Teacher – If you would like to make a big impact on children, then you should consider becoming a teacher. For this role, you may need additional education, depending on where you apply and the things you would like to teach.
  36. Child development specialist – If you would like to have a key role in helping children develop in very specific ways, then this is a great role for you to consider. You would work with both the children and their parents to help them develop in areas that they are struggling.
  37. Environmental organizer – If you have a passion for the environment and helping the world become a better place, you may want to consider becoming an environmental organizer to plan events and work with various groups to reach the ultimate goal of helping our environment.
  38. Family planning worker – Families can be very complicated and it is not as black and white as many would hope. In this role, you would be responsible for helping families manage their environments and always work to develop the best plan for the child or children.
  39. Hospital administrator – This is a role that would require additional training or degrees but it is one where you could help manage employees of a hospital to ensure that all patients are well taken care of and that their care is not compromised by poor management.
  40. Housing coordinator – For some people and families, finding housing is not easy and they may even have trouble affording it. In this role, you would be responsible for helping them find housing for themselves and their families.
  41. Career counselor – Many people are always on the lookout for a new job or their first job. If you want to help people find their dream job or even something that will allow them to take care of themselves, you could become a career counselor. In this role, you would help them to hone in on resume skills, interviewing skills, and much more to help them get the job that they are wanting.
  42. Public health supervisor – If you do not want to be on the front lines of the public health sector, you can help out in other ways by becoming a supervisor and managing the people who also want to help with public health education and services.
  43. Substance abuse counselor – There are many people in the world that have trouble with substance abuse and if you would like to help them become healthier and overcome their addiction, you may want to consider becoming a substance abuse counselor.
  44. Project manager – This is another role where you may need some additional education. If you are interested in the business world, this may be a good option. You would focus on managing a project and all of the people who are working on it to ensure that everything goes as planned and that goals are met.
  45. Quality control manager – This is a role that is not on the front lines but very important. In this role, you would ensure that quality for customers and patients is upheld so that they are always kept number one.