List of 100 Amazing Social Work Careers

The field of social work is often underappreciated. Social workers play a vital role in ensuring our children and young people are able to have the best social and educational outcomes as possible. At the same time, these professionals assist elderly people to ensure that they have the highest quality of life possible. They work behind the scenes for society, but play a hugely important role for individuals of any age whom they support through life’s difficulties. There are many amazing careers available within the field of social work. Let’s take a look, therefore, at a list of 100 social work careers.

  1. Family social worker
  2. Health care social worker
  3. Mental health social worker
  4. Social service assistant
  5. Case review assistant
  6. Research social worker
  7. Policy social worker
  8. Administrative social worker
  9. Child social worker
  10. Family social worker
  11. School social worker
  12. Child protective services social worker
  13. CPS officer
  14. CPS assistant
  15. Community social worker
  16. Gerontological social worker
  17. Medical social worker
  18. Health social worker
  19. Mental health social worker
  20. Substance abuse social worker
  21. Military social worker
  22. Veteran social worker
  23. Refugee social worker
  24. Hospice social worker
  25. Palliative social worker
  26. Psychiatric social worker
  27. School social worker
  28. Clinical social worker
  29. Outreach worker
  30. Family support worker
  31. Probation officer
  32. Corrections officer
  33. Adult guidance worker
  34. Advice worker
  35. Careers advisor
  36. Charity officer
  37. Community development worker
  38. Child protection worker
  39. Counselor
  40. Play therapist
  41. Volunteer coordinator
  42. Youth worker
  43. Public health social worker
  44. Medical social worker
  45. Social work lecturer
  46. Social services inspector
  47. Youth involvement officer
  48. Consultant
  49. Guardian
  50. Advocate
  51. Social care manager
  52. Accreditation officer
  53. Adoption social worker
  54. Fostering social worker
  55. Child day care worker
  56. Child welfare officer
  57. Psychiatric hospital officer
  58. Employee assistance developer
  59. Young offenders officer
  60. Rape counseling officer
  61. Police officer
  62. Victim services officer
  63. Labor union representative
  64. Disability coordinator
  65. Residential treatment officer
  66. Nursing home officer
  67. Veteran’s officer
  68. Sectarian officer
  69. School district inspector
  70. Early intervention program coordinator
  71. Head start clinic coordinator
  72. Women’s health coordinator
  73. Health maintenance officer
  74. Substance addiction social worker
  75. Social worker’s assistant
  76. Social work team administrator
  77. Social work team manager
  78. Social work team receptionist
  79. Samaritan
  80. Public welfare social worker
  81. Developmental disabilities social worker
  82. Health care social worker
  83. Correctional social worker
  84. Justice social worker
  85. Occupational social worker
  86. International social worker
  87. Policy developer
  88. Welfare planner
  89. Political social worker
  90. Crisis team social worker
  91. Suicide prevention officer
  92. Domestic violence social worker
  93. Program coordinator
  94. Social advocate
  95. Lawyer
  96. Author
  97. Child fatality investigator
  98. Nursery nurse
  99. Child neglect investigator
  100. Child Social Worker

As you can see, the field is truly varied. How to become involved in these positions depends on the job itself. Some require many years of education, as well as licensing and certification. Others can be taken on with only a high school diploma.