10 Best Reasons to Become a Travel Nurse

There’s no way you can run out of career opportunities in Nursing. In fact, the demand for Travel Nurses is expected to increase by 10%, according to USA Today.

However, in addition to a stable career, it is important that you are interested in the work you do. As a nurse, it can sometimes become repetitive if you continue to carry out monotonous tasks every day. This is where ‘travel nurse’ jobs come in. If you want to pursue your career as a Travel Nurse but are unsure of its rewards, this post will clarify why travel nursing can be a dream job for you if you are a Nursing graduate.

To learn about the whole list of benefits, keep reading.

1. You Can Have a Flexible Routine

Not only nurses are highly demanded, their job is equally demanding. You cannot really work 9 to 5 like other jobs. Sometimes, you need to invest much more than that since you are in a profession that serves humans. Having a contract with a hospital on a long-term basis could often be hectic. It could take a toll on you until there’s someone for your PTO.

But when you choose to work as a Travel Nurse, you can easily manage your time with a higher level of flexibility. In fact, you can take as much off time as you want in between your assignments. There’s no rule as to the duration of the contract you must sign. This way, you can take better control of your career.

2. Your Pay Will Be Much Higher

Travel Nurses are also regarded as ‘specialty nurses.’ This makes them eligible for demanding higher pay rates. They can even charge double pay per hour for overtime service.

However, the average pay varies depending on the type and duration of contract you have signed. On average, it falls between $19 and $47/hour, according to PayScale. All in all, the rates are high and it makes travel nursing a lucrative job.

3. You Will Travel

When you work as a Travel Nurse, you get a chance to pick assignments throughout the country, and sometimes, even around the world. Furthermore, traveling is the most attractive benefit for people who aim to diversify in their Nursing career.

If you are the adventurous type, this is a great benefit you cannot ignore. This is because you will not only get a chance to explore different regions of the world but will also be able to make money while serving the humanity. Undeniably, this is a win-win situation.

4. You Will Have the Freedom to Set Your Own Work Schedule

As a Travel Nurse, your work duration will range from 4 to 52 weeks. On average, a contract is based on a 13-week period. This means that you can take a month off once the contract is over or continue working on another contract. This entirely depends on your schedule.

5. You Will Enjoy Your Lucrative Plan in the Long Run

You can avail additional bonuses depending on the contract you have signed. So, if you sign a long-term contract, you will naturally be entitled to a higher amount of bonus. Since an average contract is usually 13-weeks long, the opportunity of making money could vary between $1000 and $1500.

On the other hand, not all contracts will come with bonuses while others may range from $500 to $8000. However, there is always a chance to negotiate on a lucrative contract. Usually, the bonuses are promised at the end of the assignment. On the other hand, you can lock a portion by asking for an upfront bonus if you have gained several years of experience as a Travel Nurse.

6. Personal Growth

Instead of staying stuck in a confined workplace while working in the same routine every single day, acquiring a career as a travel nurse allows you to meet new people and have new experiences. This exposure helps you enhance your personal growth in terms of gaining self-confidence, building long-lasting friendships, and learning new languages.

7. Professional Growth

96% of hospitals are short of registered nurses, according to Telegraph News, UK. This not only increases the demand for Travel Nurses in different cities of the UK and other destinations but it also means that you will be serving patients in different hospitals and clinics. Throughout your career, you will be visiting one hospital or health care organization after the other. To give an edge to your professional profile, you can add the entire list of these organizations to your resume.

Based on this diversified experience, you will have an opportunity to take your professional growth to the next level, for instance, an advanced career opportunity in the field of Nursing.

8. You Will Stay Away from Office Politics

It does not only happen in corporate settings. In fact, work-related stress exists among nurses too. This includes dealing with office politics. Since Travel Nurses are required to carry out assignments within the 12-week duration only, they are bound to serve patients in a specific place for a limited period of time. Besides a shorter time span, they get an equal advantage of not being a victim of office politics.

However, in case you come across such situation as a Travel Nurse, you would only have to deal with it for a shorter period of time. By using the appropriate methods, you will surely be able to find a solution. This way, you can fly away from the situation as soon as your 12-week assignment is completed.

9. You Will Explore Your Real Love for Nursing

Before applying as a Travel Nurse, having an RN degree is a requirement. However, you still would have to decide your specialty in Nursing. Working as a Travel Nurse will help you learn as well as evaluate various options Nursing currently offers. Once you have decided which direction to choose, you can easily choose a specialty that aligns with your skills and interests the most. Next, you can choose a permanent position in Nursing.

10. You Will Be Able to Choose Your Permanent Residence

Travel Nursing allows you to enjoy the beauty of the city you are currently placed in. Though spending vacations in a new place is an obvious benefit, what counts the most is the fact that you will be able to know if a particular city can be a suitable place of residence for you and your family.

While you are staying at a specific place for a few weeks, finding out about its cost of living is easy. If you feel that everything is exactly according to your living requirements, then you can relocate there for sure.