50 Amazing Things You Can You Do with a MSN Masters in Nursing Degree

If you have an interest in helping people achieve excellent health, while at the same time enjoying the benefit of excellent job security, and a significant salary, then the masters in nursing degree (MSN) may be right for you. Additionally, the nursing workforce is changing rapidly. Consider the following key factors:

  • There is a commitment to improving the standard of education in the health care workforce.
  • There is a huge need for nurse educators, who hold MSN degrees, so that the next generation of nurses can be trained.
  • The population is aging and living to older ages, leading to different health care challenges.
  • Because the population is aging, a huge proportion of the current nursing workforce is set to retire.

Of course, nurses don’t become nurses just because this career offers a steady job with good pay. Rather, they become nurses because they truly care about helping people to stay or get healthy. Once you hold your MSN, you can specialize in a variety of different areas, and these specializations will largely determine your day to day job responsibilities. Where you live in the country will also determine exactly what you can and cannot do as an advanced practice nurse, such as work independently or prescribe medication. However, there are many things that all those with an MSN degree can do. Let’s take a look!

#1 Physician’s Office Nurse

This nurse works regular hours in direct contact with patients.

#2 Nursing Informatics Specialist

This professional moves outside of direct clinical care and ensures health care records are properly maintained.

#3 Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse

This nurse works with people affected by mental illnesses. In this role, you can work in prisons, psychiatric wards, hospitals, and more.

#4 School Nurse

School nurses work with young people to make sure they enjoy the best possible health from an early age. This is a very flexible job, in which you will get many free hours as you don’t work during school holidays.

#5 Nurse Case Manager

This manager leads other nurses in specific cases, whether it involves a certain patient, population group, or disease.

#6 Research Nurse

If you want to be an independent researcher, however, you will usually need to complete a doctorate degree.

#7 Legal Consultant

This professional ensures that patients are properly represented in cases of medical malpractice.

#8 Cruise Ship Nurse

This nurse provides guests and staff with excellent health care, while at the same time seeing some of the most beautiful places on earth.

#9 Diabetic Nurse

You could make a real difference in the diabetes epidemic that is facing the world as a result of increasing levels of obesity.

#10 Staff Nurse

You could become a staff nurse in one of various health care settings, essentially continuing to deliver clinical practice, but often with far more flexible and friendly hours.

#11 Camp Nurse

You will work directly with children or take part in health-related camps, such as those dealing with alcoholism or obesity.

#12 Nurse Midwife

This nurse has the role of taking care of women during pregnancy and after delivery.

#13 Parish Nurse

This professional combines health care with spiritual care.

#14 NGO Nurse

You can work abroad, for instance, by joining an NGO, or by choosing a health care organization in a foreign country that you are interested in.

#15 Insurance Nurse

You will ensure that bills are processed and paid for properly.

#16 Prison Nurse

This nurse ensures that incarcerated individuals continue to receive excellent health care.

#17 Occupational Health Nurse

This professional encourages workers to adopt healthy working practices and acts as an employee advocate.

#18 District Nurse

This nurse is responsible for providing services for a huge geographical area.

#19 Pediatric Nurse

You will work with children up to the age of 19, watching them grow up while tending to their healthcare needs.

#20 Learning Disabilities Nurse

This professional helps people of all ages with learning and developmental disabilities in maintaining a high quality of life, with as much independence as possible.

#21 Public Health Nurse

This nurse drives health policy on a governmental level.

#22 Pharmaceutical Nurse

This professional works with pharmaceutial companies to develop, create, market, and sell new drugs. You will have little to no direct contact with patients in this role.

#23 Army Nurse

You will work either as an outside civilian or as a member of the armed forces. You will travel to conflict areas, helping people who have been injured, while at the same time making sure they are protected from local disease.

#24 Blood Bank or Plasma Nurse

You will encourage more people to donate blood. You will draw blood and ensure that it is delivered to the right places.

#25 Hospice Nurse

A role that is not for the faint of heart, where you ensure people receive compassionate care and are kept comfortable in their dying moments.

#26 Critical Care Nurse

You will working with people who require immediate help in very serious situations cause by injuries or diseases.

#27 Home Health Nurse

This nurse works in the homes of patients, which is something that is becoming increasingly common.

#28 Emergency Room Nurse

You will working in one of the most stressful environments of a hospital, never knowing who the next patient will be.

#29 Surgical Nurse

This nurse assists surgeons during complex surgical procedures, and looks after patients while they are recovering.

#30 Nurse Educator

This professional ensures that the demand for nurses in the future can be met.

#31 Managed Care Nurse

This role is needed for people with terminal and/or chronic illnesses and disease, who require high levels of specialized care until they die.

#32 Nurse Anesthetist

This nurse works alongside the anesthetist and surgeons during medical procedures.

#33 Health Administration Nurse

You will Influence how health policy is developed and how it improves the overall standard of health care.

#34 Family Nurse Practitioner

This professional works with families as a whole, rather than individuals, ensuring that they have the best possible health outcomes.

#35 Clinical Nurse Leader

One of the newest types of roles in nursing for MSN degree holders, for whom the responsibility is to make sure care quality and outcomes are improved across the board.

#36 Clinical Nurse Specialist

This nurse focuses on more specialized areas or population groups, such as gerontology.

#37 Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator

This nursing executive manages entire facilities, such as hospices or nursing homes. You will have very little clinical involvement with patients.

#38 Role Model

You can be an inspiration for others, showing them the benefits of advancing your education in terms of personal satisfaction and in terms of health care outcomes for patients.

#39 Health Coach

You will work with individuals to ensure they achieve optimum health, either as an independent worker or as part of an outreach team.

#40 Public Speaker

Become a representative at health conferences, public speaking events, networking events, and so on. This is a fantastic way for MSN degree holders to supplement their income.

#41 Author

As a nurse, you will have come across many interesting situations. You can use your experience to write a book, either in a diary/overview style, or in an educational style for future nurses.

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#42 Mentor

This professional guides other nurses or those who want to become nurses either within universities or within health care settings.

#43 Health Program Commissioner

You will working for local, state, or federal government organizations.

#44 Disease Prevention Nurse

A strongly research-based career in which you inform others about avoiding and preventing illnesses.

#45 Nurse Lobbyist

You are an advocate for other nurses, lobbying politicians to invest more.

#46 Bioterrorism Nurse

This is a recently new development in the field of nursing. You may help prevent biological attacks and stop the development of new biological weapons.

#47 Educational Program Development Nurse

You will work with universities to prepare programs for future nurses. You may need to have a DNP for this role.

#48 Disaster Management Nurse

You will work for organizations, such as FEMA, to ensure proper health care services are in place in case of natural disasters.

#49 Federal Health Care Nurse

You will working for the federal government to make sure employees maintain proper health.

#50 Epidemics Research Nurse

This nurse works alongside DNP degree holders to determine how epidemics develop and how to prevent them.