50 Awesome Things You Can Do with a Nurse Practitioner Degree

Anyone interested in helping others and having lots of job security should give serious consideration to earning a Nursing degree. Medical industry professionals estimate that the need for nurses of all kinds will be higher than ever, reaching as high as one million, by 2018. By choosing a career as a nurse or a nurse practitioner, you guarantee yourself a rewarding career with a secure future.

But, what exactly are the duties of a nurse? It depends on the specialty you take, but there are many commonalities between all of the different nursing roles. These generally encompass providing care for patients and monitoring their conditions. You will also be expected to inform patients about health conditions that concern them. Nurses also provide certain medications and treatments to patients under doctor supervision. They can provide health advice to patients as well as valuable emotional support.

Most nurses work in hospitals, but a number of them work in schools, nursing care facilities, private clinics, prisons, military bases, and much more. Nurses often must supervise other less experienced nurses and teach important nursing skills to students, perform administrative tasks, and occasionally conduct research. A nurse practitioner is a nurse  also known as an Advanced Practice Nurse, who is qualified to treat specific health and medical conditions without a doctor’s supervision.

The qualities expected of nurses are well known. The best nurses are compassionate, patient, and well organized. They must use critical thinking on their feet and keenly observe the details of every situation. A good nurse should have the ability to cope with high levels of stress and function well in chaotic environments while embracing new skills each day.

Below is a list of 50 exciting careers that you may enjoy as a nurse practitioner:

  1. Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse
  2. Work with those suffering from psychiatric problems in psychiatric wards, hospitals, or prisons.

  3. Nursing Informatics Specialist
  4. For this, you will need an MSN degree specialization.

  5. School Nurse
  6. Work with school aged children. This job comes with time off for school holidays.

  7. Physician’s Office Nurse
  8. Work directly with patients and enjoy normal workday hours.

  9. Legal Consultancy Nurse
  10. Assist in the handling of medical malpractice lawsuits.

  11. Diabetes Management Nurse
  12. Work directly with patients suffering from diabetes to manage their condition.

  13. Cruise Ship Nurse
  14. This is a great opportunity to travel the world. You will generally have a fairly low workload, but you will need to be on call 24/7.

  15. Research Nurse
  16. Pave the way for advanced medical treatments.

  17. Camp Nurse
  18. Work in summer camps with vacationing children.

  19. Nurse Midwife
  20. Assist in the delivery babies. You will also provide ante- and post-natal care.

  21. Parish Nurse
  22. Those with a religious affiliation can integrate healthcare and spirituality by working in a parish.

  23. Staff Nurse
  24. Work regular hours with good pay in a hospital or any healthcare facility.

  25. Insurance Firm Nurse
  26. Insurance companies need nurses to assess medical claims.

  27. Continuing Education
  28. The best nurses are committed to furthering of their professional education. From Nurse Assistant, you can become a practical nurse, to an AA degree in nursing, to a BA, to a master’s degree and finally earn a Ph.D. in nursing.

  29. Learning Disabilities Nurse
  30. Work with those who have learning disabilities.

  31. Work Abroad
  32. Nursing degrees you earn in this country can be transferred to most other countries.

  33. Prison Nurse
  34. Very difficult hard work, not for the faint of heart.

  35. District Nurse
  36. Be responsible for the healthcare delivery and healthcare promotion in a given district.

  37. Occupational Health Nurse
  38. Work for large companies or hospitals. You will help people to work in a safe environment.

  39. Pharmaceutical Nurse
  40. An interesting field for nurses who do not wish to work with patients. Working for a pharmaceutical company is a viable alternative.

  41. Pediatric Nurse
  42. Work with children ages of 0 to 19.

  43. Army Nurse
  44. The Army always needs good nurses, especially as we are currently involved in numerous conflicts around the world.

  45. Public Health Nurse
  46. Reserved for those with an MSN degree.

  47. Plasma or Blood Bank Nurse
  48. Take blood donations, encourage others to donate, and test blood.

  49. Hospice Nurse
  50. Not for the faint of heart, you will be working with dying patients. You will be tasked to allow them to die comfortably, in a dignified manner, supported by loved ones.

  51. Home Health Nurse
  52. Build long lasting relationships with patients working with them in their homes.

  53. Surgery Nurse
  54. Assist surgeons, and look after patients during their recovery after surgery.

  55. Critical Care Nurse
  56. Critical care nursing is a very fast-paced job.

  57. Emergency Room Nurse
  58. You never know what sorts of cases you will be confronted with. Expect long hours in fast-paced situations.

  59. Dermatological Nurse
  60. Make your living treating skin conditions. You may even save a few lives by helping to prevent the spread of skin cancers.

  61. Plastic Surgery Nurse
  62. Plastic surgery is done for cosmetic purposes, but it is also done for those who suffer from disfiguring conditions and scars.

  63. Burn Unit Nurse
  64. Work with those who with severe burns, including burns caused by fire and acid.

  65. Managed Care Nurse
  66. For patients with chronic and terminal conditions, who need specialized care for the rest of their lives.

  67. Oncology Nurse
  68. Provide care for cancer patients.

  69. Rehabilitation Center Nurse
  70. Help those with severe injuries or disabilities to regain as much mobility as their conditions permit.

  71. Missionary Nurse
  72. Spread the Gospel throughout the world, while delivering healthcare to impoverished populations.

  73. Traveling Nurse
  74. Traveling nurses are sent from location to location for short durations to staffing vacancies in hospitals and other care settings.

  75. Charity Nurse
  76. Many charities, that provide disaster relief, employ nurses.

  77. Inspire Others
  78. Inspire others with your dedication to the service of others.

  79. Outpatient Care Nurse
  80. Outpatient care is one of the most laid back aspects of nursing. It allows nurses to treat patients in a less formal setting and then send them home again.

  81. Rural Nurse
  82. Many nurses work with those with reduced access to healthcare.

  83. Nurse Anesthetist
  84. Aid surgeons and anesthetists as they perform surgical procedures.

  85. Health Administration Nurse
  86. Healthcare administration lets you work in an array of healthcare fields, where you can have an influence over policy development.

  87. Clinical Nurse Specialist
  88. A CNS is specialized in a very specific area of nursing, such as gynecology.

  89. Clinical Nurse Leader
  90. A newly developed nursing role, your goal will be to improve the safety conditions and care quality that patients experience.

  91. Paramedic
  92. Paramedics provide first responder, acute emergency medical care. It is a fast paced and stressful job with long hours, but it is can also be very rewarding.

  93. Family Nurse Practitioner
  94. Work with whole families, seeing them as a cohesive unit rather than as isolated individuals.

  95. Health Visitor
  96. Health visitors are focused on working with women who have given birth to babies within the previous two years to help ensure the proper development of the new babies and infants.

  97. Licensed Nursing Facility Administrator
  98. Handle administrative tasks in facilities such as nursing homes. You will generally have very little direct contact with the patients in the facility.

  99. Physician Extender
  100. The PE provides competent and professional medical care to the residents of a healthcare facility delivering care in a timely, efficient and cost effective manner.