40 Awesome Things You Can Do with a Nutritionist Degree

There are many careers that you may wish to pursue with a nutrition degree; it all depends on your interests and ambitions. From Sports Nutritionist to Dietitian to Food Product Developer, there is a host of exciting career paths you can qualify for with a nutrition degree.

Some careers in nutrition require additional training and/or certification. As it happens, a bachelor’s degree in nutrition provides an excellent foundation for budding nutritionists to take the right exams to become registered and certified professionals.

#1 Blogger

Use your training and knowledge to create interesting and educational online blog entries about nutrition, health, and new developments in the industry.

#2 Clinical Nutritionist

Deliver your expertise in a hospital or private practice setting to help patients achieve better health through better nutritional and dietary habits.

#3 Consumer Advocate

Use your training and knowledge of proper nutrition to assess consumer food products to help ensure the rights of people to have safe and healthy food is protected.

#4 Dietitian

Provide guidance to individuals or a body of patients in a hospital or private practice as how to develop healthy eating habits and draft healthy menu options.

#5 Entrepreneur

Draw on your creative talents and business acumen to turn your knowledge of diet and health into a new and lucrative enterprise.

#6 Flavorist

Help food product designers and manufacturers to accurately mimic natural flavors or to create interesting new flavor combinations as they strive to carve out new corners of their markets.

#7 Food Chemist

Using a combined knowledge of chemistry and nutrition, help to examine food products or to create unique new recipes or products.

#8 Food Microbiologist

Provide specialized knowledge of the minutia of the chemistry of food at every stage of its existence from ingredients to production, to digestion and elimination.

#9 Food Packaging Specialist

Provide specialized expertise to food manufacturers to discover and utilize new, innovative, and optimal ways to package food and food products.

#10 Food Process Engineer

Work to develop new, more efficient ways of producing, packaging, and distributing food products.

#11 Food Production Manager

Supervise, plan, and maintain the work and processes surrounding the production lines of a food product manufacturer.

#12 Food Safety Auditor

Examine food products for safety and nutritional value.

#13 Food Scientist

Develop hypothesis and conduct research to discover the connection between dietary habits, or certain food products and other important effects on those who eat them.

#14 Food Service Manager

Take control of the service rendered by restaurants, eateries or other dispensaries of food and food products.

#15 Food Technologist

Take charge of the development and manufacturing of food products and processes.

#16 Health Care Aide

Provide healthy meals and dietary assistance to the elderly, disabled and infirm in their homes.

#17 Health Educator

Provide guidance to students or the community on good health and dietary issues.

#18 Home Economist

Impart home budgeting advice to youths or work as a freelance consultant for families.

#19 International Aid Worker

Work abroad delivering food aid and nutritional education to at risk third-world populations where larger organizations are too unwieldy to go.

#20 Laboratory Manager

Take charge of the resources of a food research facility and direct the processes of studies as they progress.

#21 Medical Writer

Either for a professional publisher or independently, write about diet and nutrition as it relates to the health and medical outcomes of patients.

#22 New Food Product Developer

Use your expertise to develop new and innovative food products for public consumption.

#23 Nutrition Consultant

Provide valuable guidance to large organizations which are concerned with diet and nutrition so they can better serve their customers, staff or the public.

#24 Nutritionist

Serve as a consultant or manager for individuals or companies that have an interest in diet, health, and food quality.

#25 Product Manager

Oversee the production of food products for large manufacturers of widely distributed food products.

#26 Public Health Director

Work with large public organizations or governmental bodies to assess and improve the health of a certain population.

#27 Public Health Nutritionist

Serve as a regional expert consulted on issues of food availability and quality as it affects a large population.

#28 Public Health Planner

Work with public and private officials as well as members of the community to develop effective plans to deliver better nutrition programs where they will be applicable.

#29 Quality Control Specialist

Inspect and assess food products for quality, regularity, safety, and nutrition.

#30 Registered Nurse

Work directly with patients in a hospital or private practice using your training to help patients achieve better health outcomes.

#31 Regulatory Affairs Manager

Manage affairs pertinent to the development and interpretation of regulatory controls over food production and delivery.

#32 Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Use your training and knowledge to weigh in on any number of regulatory issues concerned with food and nutrition.

#33 Research Assistant

Render assistance to research professionals in a laboratory or other research setting.

#34 Research Chef

Produce the entrées which researchers study to assess the health effects of certain dietary habits and cultures.

#35 Retail Sales Associate

Use your knowledge of nutrition to sell health nutrition products to customers in health food or supplement stores.

#36 Sales Representative

Use your training of nutrition to manage sales outreach for health nutrition product lines.

#37 Sensory Scientist

Research and deliver data and analysis on the subjective effect of foods on the senses and study how food stimulates the human sensorium.

#38 Sports Nutritionist

Provide advice to athletes on how to optimize their diets for better health and to achieve peak athletic performance.

#39 University Professor

Develop course work, give lectures, and grade student performance at a college or university as you guide the next generation of nutritionists through the learning phase of their careers.

#40 Wellness Coordinator

Take charge of the wellness initiatives of an organization, public entity, or a community as you work to promote better health and wellness for a given population via nutrition and diet planning.

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