Rasmussen College Review

Rasmussen College is a private, for profit university that offers Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in nursing, as well as a variety of other specialties. Some of its programs are available online, and others are offered at some of its many national campuses. It has a total student population both on campuses and online of approximately 15,000.

Favorite Features

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is CCNE accredited

The most important accreditation body in the nursing education field is the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education or CCNE. The CCNE accreditation ensures that the nursing program has met high curriculum, student and faculty requirements. This accreditation informs potential employers that your nursing degree is of high quality.

It is a good sign that an online university has nursing programs that are CCNE-accredited.

The BSN program at Rasmussen has been accredited by the CCNE. However, the Rasmussen website does not state that the Associate’s or Master of Science in Nursing degrees are accredited by the CCNE.

RN to BSN degree tuition was lowered in 2014

A press release states that the tuition rates for Rasmussen’s RN to BSN program was lowered by 16% after it received CCNE accreditation. It is always a good thing when tuition costs are lowered for students; most programs only increase in tuition year after year.

The website states that many programs at the college are available for only $8500 per year.

Many discounts and scholarships are available

Rasmussen College understands that working professionals need to have an affordable tuition, and it provides several student grants and tuition discounts to make the cost of tuition more manageable:

  • Learning Innovation Grant: This is for incoming students who are using Flex Choice Competency Based degree programs who started in January 2017 or later. The college will provide a grant of up to $1650 for the entirety of the student’s time in the program.
  • Fast Track Tuition Discount: Students who take over 16 credits only are charged for 16 credits. For every class beyond four each semester, the student only will be assessed a course resource and technology fee of $175.
  • Corporate Discount: Part time college students who work for a corporate partner of the university may get a 10% discount on tuition.
  • Military Discount: All retired or current military can get a 10% discount if they are enrolled in any program. Also eligible are spouses and dependents (18-21) who are related to any active military member.

Rasmussen provides strong online student support

Rasmussen College has its SUPPORT+ program for online students so that they have the answers, planning and resources needed to be successful in whatever program they are taking. All college students have in person and real time access to all services from academic aid to financial support. SUPPORT+ can help with job searches, course scheduling, tutoring and financial aid.

SUPPORT+ resources include the online classroom portal; student account center; library and other learning resources; personal support center and career services.

Least Favorite Features

Rasmussen is not reviewed by US News and World Reports

Rasmussen College is a for profit institution, so it is not ranked or reviewed by US News and World Report or other major publications.

Programs that are rated by major publications tend to have a higher level of credibility in the eyes of the public. For profit colleges may well offer an excellent value and a great education, but they are not always viewed as the same quality as non-profit programs.

Some nursing programs are not accredited by CCNE

As noted above, the BSN programs at Rasmussen College are accredited by the CCNE. However, their website does not state that the Associate’s and Master’s programs are accredited by the CCNE. This fact could make some employers question if these degree programs are of the same quality as the bachelor’s program.

Low freshman retention rates

A key aspect of whether a college is successful or not is how many students return after their freshman year. Of the Rasmussen College branches that have online information, a low number of students at some of the institutions return for their sophomore year. This could indicate that they transferred or they dropped out.

The Details

General Information

  • Founded in 1900
  • Application deadline: Rolling
  • Application fee: $50
  • School type: Private, for profit
  • Term Schedule: Semester
  • Location: St. Paul, Minnesota

Tuition Rates

  • $8500 per year for many programs

Nursing Degrees

Class Profile

  • Total student body is 15,600
  • Admission rate is between 70-80%

Graduation and Retention Rates

  • Rasmussen College in Illinois has only a 14% freshman retention percentage which is among the worst in the US.
  • Rasmussen College in Florida has only a 38% freshman retention percentage.
  • Rasmussen College in Wisconsin has only a 25% freshman retention percentage.

US News Rankings

  • This is a for profit university and is not ranked by US News and World Report

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