70+ Greatest Careers that Help People

Helping people is something most of us want to do. There are always people out there who have it a little bit worse than us. However, helping people can take many different roles, ranging from being a brain surgeon to helping an elderly person cross the road. Many of the things we do in our day to day lives, we do out of simple goodness. Nevertheless, it is also possible to actually make a career out of helping people. Doing this on a professional level – paid or unpaid – brings about a great deal of satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at 74 of the greatest careers that help people.

  1. Social worker
  2. Nurse
  3. Physician
  4. Surgeon
  5. Psychologist
  6. Psychiatrist
  7. Counselor
  8. Physical therapist
  9. Special education teacher
  10. Nursery nurse
  11. Volunteer coordinator
  12. Nonprofit program director
  13. Paralegal
  14. School counselor
  15. Advanced practice psychiatric nurse
  16. Speech therapist
  17. Criminal lawyer
  18. Family practice lawyer
  19. Pediatrician
  20. Massage therapist
  21. Acupuncturist
  22. Hypnotherapist
  23. Speech therapist
  24. Marriage and family therapist
  25. Cognitive behavior therapist
  26. Addictions counselor
  27. Child psychologist
  28. Special education teacher
  29. Clinical psychologist
  30. Kinesiotherapist
  31. Human rights lawyer
  32. Immigration lawyer
  33. Licensed practical/vocational nurse
  34. Sports psychologist
  35. Occupational therapy assistant
  36. GED instructor
  37. Elementary school teacher
  38. Geriatrician
  39. Family support worker
  40. Domestic violence coordinator
  41. Victim support officer
  42. Police officer
  43. Probation officer
  44. Academic interventionist
  45. Environmentalist
  46. Youth ministry director
  47. Neonatal nurse
  48. Linguist
  49. Veterans service coordinator
  50. Pediatric physical therapist
  51. Chiropractor
  52. Bereavement coordinator
  53. Oncology social worker
  54. Life coach
  55. Psychotherapist
  56. Adoption counselor
  57. Doula
  58. Midwife
  59. Sexual assault nurse examiner
  60. Community care assistant
  61. Community outreach worker
  62. Child welfare advisor
  63. Foreign student advisor
  64. Forensic linguist
  65. Nurse educator
  66. Obstetrics nurse
  67. School nurse
  68. Special needs assistant
  69. Diabetes nurse
  70. Career coach
  71. Critical care nurse
  72. District attorney
  73. NLP practitioner
  74. Fitness worker

As you can see, if you truly want to help people, there are a lot of options out there for you. Some of these positions are done on a volunteer basis, meaning you get no financial compensation in return. Other positions attract major salaries and often also require you to complete many years of education. Either way, if you want to do good, you can.

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Written by Robert Sanchez
Robert Sanchez is HealthGrad.com's Chief Editorialist. Robert Sanchez has over 10 years experience in the Healthcare field and more recently has become an avid writer advising on career and job topics in this exciting field.

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