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Why Healthcare

A career in healthcare looks like it will be a very good choice for many years to come in the US. The US government believes that healthcare occupations will add more than two million jobs by 2024, which comes out to be an impressive 19% growth rate. It is thought that the growth in healthcare jobs generally will be driven by a rapidly growing and aging population, as well as federal healthcare reform that will increase the number of people who have health insurance. For people who want to work in healthcare, high job demand is just one of the big benefits. Another major factor in your favor is that the median annual wage for all clinical health care workers was more than $62,000 in 2012. This wage was much higher than the median annual wage for all occupations in the US economy – $36,200. These factors make choosing health care as a career a very attractive option.


One of the exciting aspects of working in a healthcare occupation is that there will always be many different roles and jobs to choose from. Which job you decide to get in healthcare will depend upon your career interests and your level of education. If you just earn an associate’s degree in a health care field, you still will usually be able to find a good job with a good salary. And after you obtain several years of work experience in your field, you can then get more education, such as a bachelor’s degree in an allied health field, or eventually even a master’s degree. There will always be plenty of exciting job options in health care that will be yours for the taking as you gain education and experience.

Name Salary Rank Average Salary
Healthcare Analytics 7 $99,000
Healthcare Informatics 19 $90,000
Health Consulting 28 $84,000
Biotechnology 33 $82,000
Biostatistics 36 $79,000
Health Information Systems 44 $74,000
Health Communications 46 $73,000
Healthcare Analyst 50 $70,000
Genetic Engineering 53 $69,000
Health Information Technology 58 $66,000
Healthcare Administration 59 $66,000
Healthcare Management 60 $66,000
Gerontology 73 $63,000
Epidemiology 74 $63,000
Food Science 80 $61,000
Data Analyst 81 $61,000
Health Information Management 82 $61,000
Infection Prevention 86 $60,000
Public Administration 87 $60,000
Community Health 88 $60,000
Public Health 93 $59,000
Virology 97 $58,000
Occupational Safety 112 $54,000
Public Policy 118 $52,000
Emergency Management 119 $52,000
Health Promotion 123 $51,000
Health Policy 124 $51,000
Environmental Health 125 $51,000
Biochemistry 131 $50,000
Nutrition Consulting 141 $49,000
Food Inspection 218 $27,000


In the field of healthcare, there are many occupations that fall under the general category of ‘medical.’ Modern medicine usually refers to the clinical practice of medicine, which includes the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, often by a physician, but also by other types of medical professionals. The general scope of medicine can be broader than that though. It also may include allied health and health care sciences. Further, the medical field can encompass how science and technology is used to improve how care is delivered. Also, there are many medical technician career fields that fall under the purview of a medical career. Many of these medical technician career areas can be done with just an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree, and can lead to even brighter career prospects later.

Name Salary Rank Average Salary
Lactation Consulting 2 $112,000
Sonography 20 $89,000
Vascular Sonography 21 $89,000
Diagnostic Medical Sonography 22 $89,000
Cardiac Sonography 23 $89,000
Sonogram Technician 24 $89,000
Forensic Pathology 26 $88,000
Occupational Therapy 29 $83,000
Speech Therapy 34 $82,000
Nuclear Medicine Technology 37 $78,000
Pharmacology 42 $76,000
Radiation Therapy 47 $72,000
Audiology 49 $71,000
Hospital Administration 54 $69,000
Nutrition/Dietician 67 $64,000
Surgical Technology 83 $61,000
Radiology Assistant 94 $59,000
Cytotechnologist 95 $59,000
Dental Assistant 98 $58,000
Mammography Technician 104 $56,000
Radiology Technician 113 $54,000
Dental Lab Technician 114 $54,000
Dental Hygienist 126 $51,000
Histotechnologist 132 $50,000
EEG Technician 152 $46,000
Hemodialysis Technician 163 $44,000
Dialysis Technician 164 $44,000
Emergency Room Technician 165 $44,000
Anesthesia Technician 173 $43,000
EMT Paramedic 174 $43,000
Medical Assisting 180 $41,000
Autopsy Technician 183 $41,000
Medical Lab Technician 184 $41,000
Mental Health Technician 188 $40,000
Medical Transcription 189 $40,000
Operating Room Technician 193 $38,000
Endoscopy Technician 194 $38,000
Medical Billing & Coding 195 $36,000
Biomedical Technician 200 $36,000
Sterile Processing Technician 201 $36,000
Nurse Technician 202 $36,000
Biomedical Equipment Technician 203 $36,000
Sterile Processing Technician 204 $36,000
Patient Care Technician 205 $36,000
Medical Records Technician 206 $35,000
Respiratory Technician 209 $33,000
Behavioral Health Technician 210 $33,000
Optometric Technician 211 $33,000
Phlebotomy Technician 213 $31,000
Medication Technician 214 $30,000
Veterinary Technician 215 $29,000
Pharmacy Technician 216 $28,000
Health Aide 217 $28,000
Veterinarian Assistant 219 $26,000
Ultrasound Technician 221 $22,000

Mental Health

As there is a much higher demand for health care in the US, this is also being seen in the mental health arena. According to government statistics, employment of all kinds of mental health professionals, including mental health counselors and psychologists, will increase by 19% by 2023. Growth of jobs for marriage and family therapists also will increase by 15%, which is also a very healthy rate. It is thought that part of the driver of this growth is that more people will have mental health counseling services as part of their health insurance. Also, federal health care reform now requires most insurance plans to cover treatments for mental health problems, just as it does for chronic diseases. This is going to increase access to many mental health treatment and prevention services, which will drive demand for more mental health professionals.

Name Salary Rank Average Salary
Psychiatry 30 $82,000
Cognitive Neuropsychology 35 $79,000
Clinical Neuropsychology 38 $77,000
Neuropsychology 39 $77,000
Marriage/Family Therapy 51 $69,000
Comparative Psychology 61 $65,000
Forensic Psychology 62 $65,000
Analytical Psychology 68 $63,000
Biological Psychology 84 $60,000
Pediatric Psychology 89 $59,000
Healthcare Social Work 90 $59,000
Political Psychology 99 $57,000
Prison Psychology 100 $56,000
Correctional Psychology 105 $55,000
Clinical Social Work 110 $54,000
Pastoral Counseling 111 $54,000
Conflict Resolution 115 $53,000
Abnormal Psychology 116 $53,000
Trauma Psychology 120 $51,000
Occupational Health Psychology 121 $51,000
Physiological Psychology 127 $50,000
Humanistic Psychology 128 $50,000
Clinical Psychology 129 $50,000
Cultural Psychology 133 $49,000
Substance Abuse Social Work 134 $49,000
Medical Social Work 135 $49,000
Career Counseling 136 $49,000
Experimental Psychology 137 $49,000
Guidance Counseling 138 $49,000
Mental Health Counseling 139 $49,000
Human Services 142 $48,000
Rehabilitation Psychology 143 $46,000
Performance Psychology 144 $46,000
Investigative Psychology 145 $46,000
Applied Psychology 146 $46,000
Military Psychology 147 $46,000
Rehabilitation Counseling 148 $46,000
Cognitive Psychology 149 $46,000
Community Counseling 150 $46,000
Counseling Psychology 151 $46,000
Family Counseling 153 $45,000
Substance Abuse Psychology 154 $45,000
Mental Health Psychology 155 $45,000
Business Psychology 156 $45,000
Adolescent Psychology 157 $45,000
Mental Health Social Work 158 $45,000
Addiction Counseling 159 $45,000
Economic Psychology 160 $44,000
Organizational Psychology 161 $44,000
Psychology 162 $44,000
Health Psychology 166 $43,000
Social Psychology 167 $43,000
Educational Psychology 168 $43,000
Substance Abuse Counseling 169 $43,000
School Counseling 170 $43,000
Social Work 171 $43,000
Media Psychology 175 $42,000
Criminal Psychology 176 $42,000
Consumer Psychology 177 $42,000
Child Welfare 178 $42,000
Behavioral Psychology 179 $42,000
Engineering Psychology 181 $41,000
Child Psychology 182 $41,000
Medical Psychology 185 $40,000
Legal Psychology 186 $40,000
Developmental Psychology 187 $40,000
Quantitative Psychology 190 $39,000
School Psychology 191 $39,000
Global Psychology 192 $38,000
Vocational Psychology 196 $36,000
Food Psychology 197 $36,000
Hospital Psychology 198 $36,000
Sports Psychology 208 $33,000
Advertising Psychology 212 $32,000


A career in nursing is one of the best options in the health care industry today. Nursing is a great example of a career that can be entered with a limited amount of education, and can eventually turn into a high paying career with more education. For example, many nurses choose to enter the field with an associate’s degree in nursing, or possibly a diploma of nursing. This education takes only one or two years to obtain, and then you can work in the field for a few years. After that, you can eventually earn your bachelor’s degree in nursing and work as a full RN. And after that, you may eventually decide to get your master’s degree so that you can work as a highly paid, advanced practice nurse. For all nurses, the demand for jobs will increase 16% by 2024, but for advanced practice nurses such as nurse practitioners, you will see demand increase by as much as 30% by 2024. Nursing truly is one of the best health care fields to consider for job growth, salary and general career potential.

Name Salary Rank Average Salary
Nurse Anesthetist 1 $138,000
Cardiac Nurse Practitioner 3 $111,000
Oncology Nurse Practitioner 4 $108,000
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner 5 $102,000
Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner 6 $102,000
Geriatric Nurse Practitioner 8 $97,000
Adult Health Nurse Practitioner 9 $97,000
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner 10 $97,000
Long Term Care Nurse Practitioner 11 $97,000
Nurse Practitioner 12 $95,000
Family Nurse Practitioner 13 $94,000
Emergency Nurse Practitioner 14 $94,000
Critical Care Nurse Practitioner 15 $94,000
Acute Care Nurse Practitioner 16 $94,000
Mental Health Nurse Practitioner 17 $93,000
Home Healthcare Nurse Practitioner 18 $92,000
Nursing Informatics 27 $87,000
Certified Nurse Midwife 31 $82,000
Public Health Nurse Practitioner 32 $82,000
Neonatal Nurse Practitioner 40 $77,000
Occupational Nursing 41 $76,000
Rehabilitation Nursing 43 $75,000
School Nursing 45 $73,000
Clinical Nurse Specialist 48 $71,000
Endocrinology Nursing 52 $69,000
Registered Nursing 55 $67,000
Travel Nursing 56 $67,000
Respiratory Nursing 57 $66,000
Dialysis Nursing 63 $65,000
Nursing Administration 64 $65,000
Perioperative Nursing 65 $64,000
Radiology Nursing 66 $64,000
Ambulatory Care Nursing 69 $63,000
Nursing Educator 70 $63,000
Transplant Nursing 71 $63,000
Endoscopy Nurse 75 $62,000
Urology Nursing 76 $62,000
Fertility Nurse Practitioner 77 $62,000
Orthopedic Nursing 78 $61,000
Correctional Nursing 85 $60,000
Parish Nursing 91 $59,000
Holistic Nursing 101 $56,000
Forensics Nursing 102 $56,000
Addiction Nursing 106 $55,000
Nursing Case Management 107 $55,000
Certified Nursing Assistants 108 $55,000
Military Nursing 109 $55,000
Infection Control Nursing 117 $53,000
Licensed Practical Nursing 122 $51,000
Legal Nursing 207 $34,000
Clinical Nurse Leader 220 $22,000

Physical Health

A career in physical health is also an excellent career option in the general field of health care. As the focus is more on preventative medicine and preventing diseases from occurring in the first place, more people want to stay fit and healthy throughout their life. This means that there will be more demand for many types of professionals who focus on physical health, such as fitness trainers, nutritionists, physical education teachers, exercise science experts and even physical therapists. You also should find that there will be many companies in the coming years who will want to hire fitness and nutrition experts to work with their employees; by keeping employees more healthy generally, this can lead to lower health costs and higher profitability.

Name Salary Rank Average Salary
Physical Therapist 25 $88,000
Sports Nutrition 72 $63,000
Exercise Science 79 $61,000
Physical Therapy Assistant 92 $59,000
Kinesiology 96 $58,000
Certified Nutritionist 103 $56,000
Physiology 130 $50,000
Nutritionist 140 $49,000
Physical Therapy Technician 172 $43,000
Holistic Nutritionist 199 $36,000

Internship Listings

Looksharp.com: This website offers comprehensive internship opti8ons in health care positions both in the US and abroad. Users have the option of searching for healthcare internships in various cities across the US and world.

Internships.com: If you are looking for an internship in the healthcare industry to further your career, one of the best options is internships.com. According to this website, seven out of 10 internships eventually lead to a full time job, so you would be advised to look for a healthcare internship on this site in your city.

Careerrookie.com: This is a good comprehensive internship and job website, with many healthcare related options.

Baxter.com: A healthcare internship at Baxter is an excellent way for potential employees to learn about this healthcare leader in the world. Baxter is strongly committed to developing employees and giving them work that will challenge them professionally and personally. The internship program that Baxter offers allow healthcare students to get more hands on experience in the development and support roles that are vital in a major healthcare company.

Gooverseas.com: If you are interested in a healthcare career but may be interested in working abroad, you should consider getting an internship with a foreign corporation. This website has many medical and healthcare internships available, both for companies and government agencies.

Projectsabroad.com: This website also offers healthcare students with many exciting opportunities to apply for internships in foreign countries. There are internships available around the world in medicine, nursing, midwifery, dentistry, public health, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nutrition and more.

Redcross.org: If you are either an undergraduate or graduate student who wants to get involved in a highly demanding and meaningful internship experience, the national Red Cross offers you many exciting internships in all kinds of areas. Internships are available in Washington DC and at regional chapters around the US.

Professional Organizations

Jointcommission.org: The Joint Commission is one of the most respected accreditation organizations for health care. Joint accreditation can be earned by many health care related organizations, including hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, and providers of home care.

AHcancal.org: This is the American Health Care Association, the largest and most influential health care assocation in the US. This organization is focused on improving lives and delivering solutions for high quality health care.

HCAA.com: The Health Care Administrators Association offers health care administrators around the US and world with many powerful connections via events, relationships, networking and much more. The members of this organization are insurance carriers, underwriters, brokers and agents and HR managers, among many others.

NAHQ.org: The National Association for Healthcare Quality provides health care leaders and stakeholders with education, leadership development, products to support health care professionals across the US. This association is committed to improving health care quality for all Americans and residents of America, including underserved populations.

Nhcnnetwork.com: The National Healthcare Career Network is the hub and portal for more than 300 professional associations and groups in healthcare across the US and in all 50 states.

ACHC.org: The Accreditation Commission for Healthcare is a national organization that specializes in home care and alternate site health care industry providers.

Ahcap.org: The Association for Healthcare Administrative Professionals is the top organization for all types of healthcare professionals who are dedicated to supprting the top health care companies and leaders in the US. This group supports and provides many leadership opportunities for health care leaders in its many groups and committees.

RAND.org: This large healthcare organization is dedicated to the effective administration and organization of health care systems, hospital networks and many other health care groups, services and issues.

Job Listing Sites

CareerBuilder.com: If you are looking for any type of healthcare job, CareerBuiilder.com is a great resource. CareerB uilder.com features full time, part time and contractor positions that can appeal to health care professionals at any stage of their career.

Indeed.com: This excellent job listing website also provides many great leads to health care jobs around the US. One of the nice things about this website is that it is very easy to use and has jobs broken down according to city and salary. It also has categories for people who are entry level, mid level and senior level.  Another very useful aspect of Indeed is that you can very easily look up salary information for any type of job in the US, and also for that type of job in each city.

Snagajob.com: This is a relatively new player in job listing webistes online. There are many ways to search on this comprehensive jobs website: by state, industry, company category, salary, city and state.

Monster.com: Monster.com is one of the biggest job listing websites in the world, and by doing a simple search for ‘nurse,’ you can easily find more than 1,000 jobs posted in the last few weeks.

Resumerabbit.com: If you want to post your health care related resume to a single website and have it go up on more than 80 job sites, this is a good option to consider. When you post your resume, you have the choice of several career site categories to post your site. This website has more than 10 healthcare related websites when it will post your resume.

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