50+ Best Online Master’s Programs with No GRE

The healthcare field will see very strong job growth in the coming years, with millions of new jobs being created in most clinical and health care administrative fields in the next decade and beyond.

There also are many excellent online universities available with plenty of high quality health care-related master’s degrees that you can earn from the comfort of your own home. Below are 10 of the best online universities and master’s degree programs with no GRE requirement.

#1 Liberty University

Liberty University has been a leader in distance education since 1985, and is today the largest private and nonprofit online college in the US. More than 95,000 students around the globe participate each year in online bachelor’s and master’s programs. Liberty University features more than 240 distance learning degrees, and at least eight of them are health care related master’s degrees:


  1. Master of Science in Nursing – Nursing Administration: This MSN track prepares students who have their BSN already for work in nursing leadership and management. You will learn advanced nursing processes so that you can do strategic planning and fiscal and resource management.
  2. Master of Science in Nursing – Nurse Educator: This exciting MSN track prepares the experienced nurse for a cutting edge career that combines your passion for clinical nursing and teaching. You will develop the thinking skills and teaching knowledge that you will need to teach the next generation of nurses.

Public Health

  1. Master of Public Health – Global Health: This is an applied science degree with a focus on biostatistics and epidemiology. You will gain knowledge and practical experience in global health related issues.
  2. Master of Public Health – Nutrition: This MPH concentration will help you to master the health and nutrition skills that are so important to public health for the country and the world. You will gain a much better understanding of how good nutrition is so important for maintaining and improving public health.
  3. Master of Public Health – Health Promotion: This speciality will enhance your understanding of healthcare, disease prevention and nutrition.


  1. Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management: This exciting MBA track will prepare you for an executive or management position in the healthcare field. You will gain a high level of knowledge and insight regarding the professional, financial and ethical issues related to health care facilities.
  2. Master of Science in Healthcare Administration: This program combines health care material from informatics, public health and nursing. Business professionals will learn how to add value to their health care organization, and to make decisions regarding strategic planning and business management principles.
  3. Master of Science in Health Informatics: This master’s program will provide a health care business professional with the skills and knowledge that is needed to make a difference in the health of patients by facilitating better cooperation among patients’ many health care providers.

#2 University of Florida

The University of Florida Online  is strongly committed to providing master’s students with the same excellent health care related programs and faculty online that they offer in their campus based programs. In total, the University of Florida has more than 170 online degree and certificate programs, and dozens of online master’s degrees. Healthcare-related master’s programs you should know about are:

Public Health

  1. Master of Public Health: The online MPH program is a 48 credit hour program that is designed for distance graduate students who want to get their MPH without having to visit a college campus. All of the courses are offered by semester and have due dates each week. Most lectures are prerecorded and can be watched when they have time. You may choose concentrations in Public Health Practice, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Public Health Policy and Management.


  1. Master of Science in Pharmacy: This program offers domestic and international graduate students the opportunity to expand their pharmacy career prospects in the specific field of clinical pharmacy. This program allows students with a bachelor’s in pharmacy to advance their skills so that they can work as practicing pharmacists or in a laboratory setting.

Pharmaceutical Science

  1. Master of Science in Patient Safety in Medication Use: Many studies have shown that there are thousands of medical errors in the US every year that lead to serious injury and death. Errors with drugs have been shown to be a major source of errors that can be prevented. This master’s program will provide you with the skills and knowledge that you need to improve patient safety in this vital area of health care quality.

#3 Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University offers some of the best online graduate programs in the US. Also, you have the option of taking more than 45 classes that are offered through JHU by Coursera, which is a provider of MOOCs, or massive open online classes. Those courses are free and while they do not result in credit, many students find that they are very useful for taking courses to round out their health care education.


  1. Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management: Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School has a reputation as one of the best MBA programs in the world, and now you have the opportunity to earn this degree online without visiting the Baltimore campus. This is a two year, full time program that has 54 credit hours. All students will take the 38 credit hours of core courses, including Business Analytics, Management of Technology, Strategic Communication, Strategic Human Resources, and Financial Resources I and II.


  1. Master of Science in Nursing – Clinical Nurse Specialist: You can expand your nursing expertise in child and adult health with this master’s program. You will grow your competencies in clinical theory and research based nursing practice. You also will put your skills into play when you deliver highly specialized patient care.
  2. Master of Science in Health Systems Management: If you are driven to improve both health care efficiency and quality, this health systems management program will provide you with the cutting edge tools that you need. This program has been developed by world renowned nursing faculty and will teach you to manage, evaluate and improve our healthcare system.

Public Health

  1. Master of Public Health: This master’s in public health program has been ranked #1 in the US by US News and World Report since 1994. You will have the opportunity to conduct research in more than 130 countries, and to work with top tier public health faculty from around the globe.
  2. Master of Health Administration: This is an accelerated program that will provide you with a very rigorous health administration program, as well as a residency that will help you to build your career. The curriculum includes courses that study economic, technical, social and marketplace issues that affect the modern healthcare sector.

#4 Northcentral University

Northcentral University is a highly respected online university that is completely committed to the success of all of its bachelor’s and master’s degree students. This school is known for providing students with the personalized attention that they seek when they are getting a master’s degree. It features a one to one learning model; that is, it provides you with the chance to work one on one with a doctoral professor in your field:


  1. Master of Business Administration in Health Care Administration: The changing landscape of health care means that people with cutting edge knowledge and skills in health care administration are in great demand. You will study financial management, ethical and legal issues in health care, and how to examine and develop health care policies. You will also complete a final research project where you will do an investigation on a healthcare workplace problem and recommend a course of action.


  1. Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy: This healthcare related counseling program will help you to learn the skills that you need to be an effective marriage and family counselor. You will get the type of rigorous training and courses that you need to become a licensed marriage and family therapist in your state.

#5 Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University is a nonprofit, private and fully accredited university that has more than 3,000 students on campus and more than 60,000 online students. It is one of the fastest-growing colleges in the US, and was founded in 1932. SNHU has been called a Best Buy by GetEducated.com and is one of the most military-friendly colleges in the US. It has many exciting online master’s programs, including:


  1. Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management: You can gain a big competitive edge in the healthcare management industry with this degree program in only two years online. Healthcare business needs are growing by leaps and bounds as the healthcare industry is growing, so obtaining this degree will be very important for you to obtain a leadership role in a hospital or nursing home.
  2. Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Informatics: All of the recent changes in the technology of healthcare and federal and state healthcare regulations make healthcare informatics skills very important if you are going to work in the healthcare industry. If you want to be a healthcare administrator or in upper level management in health care organizations, this degree will provide you with the skills needed for advancement in healthcare informatics.

#6 Missouri State University

Missouri State University provides more than 20 online master’s degrees that are accredited, affordable and flexible. No matter if you are early in your career or later, you will be able to find a healthcare graduate or post graduate degree at Missouri State that fulfills your career goals:


  1. Master of Science in Nursing – Nurse Educator: This is a highly in demand master’s in nursing program that will provide the experienced RN with the skills and knowledge needed to work as a nursing instructor in a college or university. You will participate in two practicums and can complete the program in fewer than two years.
  2. Doctor of Nursing Anesthesia Practice: This program is appropriate for a current CRNA with a master’s degree who wants to increase their knowledge in an online doctoral program, while continuing to work full time.
  3. Doctor of Nursing Practice: This highly rated, CCNE-accredited doctoral degree in nursing allows both the experienced nurse and less experienced nurse the opportunity to earn their DNP degree online. You can either enter this program with your BSN and RN, or you also can enter the program with your MSN.

#7 George Washington University

George Washington University has a vision to educate future generations of citizen leaders by providing high quality online master’s programs that students can access all over the word. All online students receive the same high quality education that has trained thousands of students on campus over the past 75 years.


  1. Master of Science in Nursing – RN to MSN: This program is designed for the experienced RN who holds an associate’s degree in nursing. This allows you to earn your BSN and then your MSN degrees in approximately five years. You will do all of your courses online and will complete your clinical practicum in your local area.
  2. Master of Science in Nursing – Nurse Practitioner: This program allows you to become a leader in nursing by becoming an NP. You will have the chance to lead and shape the health care system of the future by serving patients across the age spectrum.
  3. Master of Science in Nursing – Nurse Midwifery: If your passion is to serve the needs of women and children, consider earning your master’s degree in nursing as a certified midwife. After you graduate, you will be eligible to sit for the national certification examination that is given by the American Midwifery Certification Board.
  4. Master of Science in Nursing – Nursing Leadership and Management: If you are an experienced nurse with a BSN and want to move into a supervisory or leadership role, you should consider this leadership and management track. You will develop the skills that are needed to work in an upper level management position in a nursing staff or hospital.

Health Sciences

  1. Master of Science in Health Sciences in Clinical Research Administration: This is a two year online program that will prepare you to become a clinical research professional so that you can meet the greatly increasing global needs for clinical research experts. This program has a very rigorous online curriculum that creates an innovative learning environment that supports both faculty and student excellent in clinical research.
  2. Master of Science in Health Sciences Integrative Medicine: There is more of a focus on integrative and personalized medicine in the healthcare field today. This is one that is much more preventative and predictive, and is supported by modern health technology. This integrative medicine master’s program stresses the importance of treating the entire body and the key role that the practitioner/patient relationship plays in health.

Public Health

  1. Master of Public Health: The students in this highly rated, online MPH program will find themselves at the forefront of creating innovative solutions to the biggest public health challenges in the US and around the world. Faculty and researchers at this Washington DC centered program maximize relationships with the biggest and most important health organizations in the world.

#8 University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati is also a very highly regarded online university with more than 15 years of experience in offering online master’s programs in many subjects. Below are the high quality health care related master’s degree options at UC:

Allied Health

  1. Master of Science in Health Informatics: Health informatics is very important in the 21st century to improve patient outcomes and improve overall population health. This program can be completed online in 18 months and will provide you with essential skills in IT, business and healthcare.
  2. Master of Health Administration: The MHA program at the University of Cincinnati may be completed entirely online, and it is suitable for professionals who are coming in as a patient care clinician; diagnostic specialist, administrator, doctor or other healthcare professional.


  1. Master of Science in Nursing: The University of Cincinnati offers specialties for nurse practitioner, family nurse practitioner, nurse midwifery, women’s health nurse practitioner, and clinical nurse specialist. Each of these programs require you to have a BSN and an active RN registration.

#9 Arizona State University

Arizona State University has been offering outstanding online master’s degrees for 20 years. Today, the university offers more than 20 online master’s programs, most of which can be earned entirely online.


  1. Master of Science in Nutrition: This new online master’s program provides you with an advanced scientific foundation in nutrition and will reinforce your skills in health project management, interpreting nutrition research, and how to solve problems related to personal health and nutrition.

Health Care

  1. Master of Science in Healthcare Delivery: This is a unique online program that will provide you with expert knowledge of how health care is delivered. You will be able to serve in a leadership or management position in a large health care facility, and will be able to provide your patients with patient centered, safe and the most cost effective health care.
  2. Master of Healthcare Innovation: This advanced master’s program will prepare you to have a transformative role in healthcare leadership and innovation in your facility,. You will learn about change theory, leadership, entrepreneurship, health innovation application technology, and system design programs.
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