Application for Leadership Scholarship

As our way of giving back to future leaders in healthcare, is pleased to announce our bi annual Healthcare Leadership Scholarship. This is awarded the most deserving students who are pursuing their degree in healthcare. Our merit-based scholarship is awarded every spring and fall to help students pay for the expenses of their online or campus based education. These scholarships will be awarded to any student that is currently enrolled in undergraduate, graduate or Doctorate level programs. Students who are currently enrolled in qualified healthcare related programs are encouraged to apply. Students can only apply once in any 12-month period.

UPDATED NOTE: The Nov 1st scholarship deadline has now passed. We have just announced the Nov 1st winnner (see below). The May 1st 2018 window is now open. We encourage those who applied previously to reapply.

Scholarship Due Dates

Scholarship deadlines will be November 1 and May 1. There is no cost involved in applying. Our Nov 1st deadline has past. Applications now being accepted for our May 1st deadline!!

Official Rules

Healthcare candidates who are interested must submit the application and an original essay. The essay must be between 4000-10,000 characters, and submitted through the form above. All essays must be formatted correctly.

Any applications that have false information or plagiarized essays are disqualified immediately. All essays have to be completely original, and must be the sole work of the applicant.

The criteria considered in the written essay are your ability to write a strong answer that directly responds to the essay question.  You must be able to provide insights based upon facts to support your answer.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be reviewed by our scholarship staff. Candidates are judged on academic history, extracurricular activities, employment history & essay. Here is a quick break down of all criteria involved in picking winning candidates:

  • Completed Registration
  • Completed Essay
  • Work History and Activities
  • GPA (min 3.2 on a 4.0 scale)

2018 Essay Question

If you could change one thing about our health care system, what would it be and why? (Must be 4000-10,000 characters)

Equal Opportunity Consideration does not discriminate based on age, race, sex, religion, disability status or sexual preference. All scholarship applicants are considered equally, based upon their merits and strength of their essay, application and other criteria. This Website has complete discretion in choosing the winners of each scholarship.

Announcing the Winner

Winners of the scholarships will be notified within 30 days of the close of the application deadline. Winners shall be notified by email and regular mail. After the winner is chosen, the applicant will be required to provide transcripts from their most recent college or university to verify their GPA. If the candidate cannot supply the necessary records, or if the GPA is different from the GPA that was claimed on the application, reserves the right to rescind the scholarship award and give it to another worthy applicant.

The scholarship award needs to be paid in one full, $2,000 payment by check directly to a qualifying health educational program, such as a four-year university. The award must be paid within 3-months of notification to the winner.

*Please note that if the student has already paid for their education, the funds are sent directly to the recipient by check to their permanent mailing address.

Scholarship recipients’ names will be posted on a page of the website.


Q: When is this scholarship offered?
A: It is offered two time a year with due dates of May 1, and November 1.

Q: What do we mean by “qualified”? 
A: We require our applicants to be currently enrolled in an accredited online or campus based  4 year health care program.

Q: Can international students apply?
A: International students are welcome to apply if they are currently be enrolled in a qualified program.

Q: Is this program available to Military personnel?
A: All military are welcome.

Q: Do you need a letter of recommendation for this scholarship?
A: Letters of recommendation are neither required nor accepted for this scholarship.

Q: Is there a cost involved in submitting an application?
A: There is no cost involved.

Please direct any additional questions, comments through our online contact form.

Staying Organized

Applying for scholarships can be an overwhelming process.  Most students will apply for multiple scholarship, and the following tips will help you keep track of your efforts:

  • Track packages
  • Keep copies of all essays and paperwork in a file
  • Have transcripts handy, or know how to send them to scholarship offices
  • Keep other important forms, such as tax returns (yours or your parents’), financial aid forms, standardized test scores and letters of recommendation on hand
  • As soon as you submit a scholarship application, make note of that in your spreadsheet, as well as the date of submission.

Contact Information

You may contact us anytime for updates about your scholarship application.

Additional Resources

Scholarship Winner - Fall 2017

Scholarship Winner - Fall 2017

Kevin B

Cal State University San Marcos

"I am beyond thrilled to receive the high honor of the Leadership Scholarship award from HealthGrad. My passion for medicine began in the outdoors and it has been a journey ever since to accomplish my academic and professional goals. This award and the help it provides me in pursuing my dreams provides a giant step forward. Thank you HealthGrad for aiding in our medical future together."

Scholarship Winner - Spring 2017

Scholarship Winner - Spring 2017


Vanderbilt University School of Nursing

"I am honored to be a recipient of the HealthGrad Leadership scholarship. My career goal to become a nurse practitioner will move forward thanks to the generous scholarship. Every bit of financial support is very much needed and appreciated because I am paying for my education myself. I am excited and committed to excelling in the nursing profession and providing the best patient care possible. Thank you for allowing me to continue to pursue my dream."

Past Winners

Our network has awarded thousands of dollars in scholarships over the years. Here are a few of our most recent recipients and their stories.

California State University San Marcos

" My purpose in life is to help other individuals heal their past wounds and become the best version of themselves. I believe that every person has something invaluable to give to humanity. This scholarship has enabled focus on developing my skills so that I may give back to our community and become the best version of myself. I am deeply grateful."

- LF

Sybil Murphy
University of Massachusetts Amherst

" I would consider myself a life-long learner, and completing my MPH degree is one more step towards accomplishing my academic and professional goals. This scholarship has helped to make continuing my education a reality...I am incredibly thankful to receive this scholarship."

- Sybil Murphy

Stephanie Lee
University of South Florida

" I really appreciate the scholarship since I did pay for the degree myself. It really makes my hard work feel valued. I'm grateful that your organization encourages students to pursue higher degrees."

- Stephanie Lee