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South University (SU) is a private university that offers a variety of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees online, including a variety of nursing degrees. Some of the most popular online nursing degree programs at SU are the RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and the Master of Science in Nursing with a speciality in Family Nurse Practitioner. A master of science degree in physician assistant studies also is available.

Favorite Features

Nursing programs are accredited by the CCNE

The most well-known and significant nursing program accreditation body is the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education or CCNE. CCNE accreditation is your assurance that the nursing program you are taking has met very high standards in terms of its curriculum and student and faculty requirements. Jump to all CCNE accredited nursing programs online.

This accreditation also tells your future employers that your education was of high quality, and that you have learned the skills you need to succeed as a nursing professional. The CCNE accreditation process is tough and highly respected in the nursing education community.

The following programs in nursing are CCNE-accredited at SU:

Good mix of online and on-site training

The online nursing programs, such as the MSN with a specialty in family nurse practitioner, features a mixture of online courses and on-site clinical experiences.

The classes and clinical work are led by highly skilled and experienced faculty who expertly blend nursing theory with advanced nursing practice concepts. In the NP program, the practicum course offers a high degree of in depth experiences in women’s health, gerontology, pediatrics and primary care. All of these clinical experiences are closely supervised by highly knowledgeable mentors.

RN to MSN program reduces education time

Experienced nurses with their RN and do not have a bachelor of science in nursing have the option of earning both their BSN and MSN degrees at the same time. Completing these degrees simultaneously at South Univ will reduce the time you are in school by at least 1.5 years.

Many financing options available

Most students finance their education costs at SU, and there are several options available, such as federal grant programs, federal loan programs and federal work study programs. There also are several scholarships available each year for nursing students.

Campus leadership and scholarship committees on each campus across the country works closely with The Education Foundation to both review and reward hundreds of students each year with scholarships to help to pay for their college education.

Affordable tuition for MSN degree

One of the most popular nursing degrees in the country today is the Master of Science in Nursing, particularly in the nurse practitioner specialty. This is a very in demand profession, with a typical median salary totaling at least $100,000 per year in most areas of the US. Many NPs are able to work more than one job as well and may make $150,000 per year or more.

In light of the potential salary in the nurse practitioner field, the cost of the MSN program at SU is reasonable at $36,600 for the entire program.

If a student were to borrow that entire amount (not typical as many students qualify for some types of grants), the monthly loan payment would be only approximately. $500 per month. This is a reasonable debt load when the potential salary in the field is considered.

Least Favorite Features

South Univ is not reviewed by US News and World Report

SU is not reviewed by major publications such as US News and World Report because it is a for profit college, so there is less information available about the quality of its nursing programs.

Also, programs that are reviewed by US News, The Princeton Review and others tend to be viewed more favorably by employers and the public. Even if SU offers a great value, the fact that it is not reviewed in common publications could be viewed in a negative light.

Low freshman retention rate

The freshman retention rate for a college is important because it shows the degree to which first year students are returning to the college for their second year. A school with a high retention rate can be seen as a high quality school because students are coming back to complete their studies.

SU does not have a high freshman retention rate. At its Savannah campus, its retention rate is only 44%.

On a related note, South U’s overall graduation rate is at 13.1% which is not a high rate, either.

The Details

General Information

  • Founded in 1899
  • Application deadline: Rolling
  • Application fee: $50
  • School type: Private, for profit
  • Term Schedule: Semester
  • Location: Savannah, Georgia; online

Tuition Rates

  • $36,600 total cost for MSN program
  • $55,500 total cost for BSN program
  • $81,000 for Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies program

Nursing Degrees

Class Profile

  • Average GPA for students admitted into the MSN program is 3.5

Graduation and Retention Rates

  • 1% overall graduation rate, although the graduation rate for nursing program students may be higher
  • 1% freshman retention rate for the entire university, which is well below average

US News Rankings

  • This university is not ranked by US News and World Report
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